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Quality Control & Deliverables

The HCK team prides ourselves in continuing our legacy of delivering masters to our clients that we personally scrutinize and adhere to the strict technical specifications and guidelines required by broadcast networks and theaters.

Our Assistant Editors spend many hours in the quality control process meticulously evaluating every frame if necessary to ensure the video integrity of the master.


We deliver all file and tape formats, including IMF, J2K, DCP, Cinedeck, APR 444 & 422, Avid DnX HD, MXF, XDCam, all compressed file formats, HDCam SR, HDCam, DVC Pro HD, Blu-ray, all SD formats, archive to LTO, RDX, and The Cloud, and utilize accelerated file-based solutions such as; Aspera, Signiant, Sohonet, and WeTransfer.

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